domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

Two chapters from Tao Te Ching (Stephen Mitchell's translation)

Excellently translated by Stephen Mitchell, these are two of my favourite chapters from this enlightening book; 'cos they are full of clarity, simplicity and wisdom. I hope they bless you too.


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Can you coax your mind from its wandering
and keep to the original oneness?
Can you let your body become
supple as a newborn child's?
Can you cleanse your inner vision
until you see nothing but the light?
Can you love people and lead them
without imposing your will?
Can you deal with the most vital matters
by letting events take their course?
Can you step back from you own mind
and thus understand all things?

Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue.

In pursuit of knowledge,
every day something is added.
In the practice of the Tao,
every day something is dropped.
Less and less do you need to force things,
until finally you arrive at non-action.
When nothing is done,
nothing is left undone.

True mastery can be gained
by letting things go their own way.
It can't be gained by interfering.

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  1. The Tao-te-ching is one of my favorite books. So much of what it says speaks directly to me. I have the same layback philosophy of life.

  2. I´m glad to know it, my friend, now i understand better where the depth and paradoxical of your quotes comes. And the inevitable humor, hahahaha. Thanks for your comment.