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Witnessing strong feelings and emotions

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Witnessing strong feelings and emotions is difficult for many meditators. But it is not impossible. With constant practice and deepening of meditation one can witness any kind of strong emotions. Emotions are nothing but a cluster of concentrated thoughts. If one can witness the thoughts, then over a period of time one can easily witness the strong emotions also.

The first step in being able to witness emotions is to be aware of thoughts and bodily actions. Once we become good in watching thoughts then slowly we will be able to witness emotions also. But watching thoughts all the time is essential for deepening of meditation. It should be practiced all the time, even in a market place.

Second step is to witness the emotions. In most of our life, we try to escape from sadness, loneliness, misery etc. When the emotions of sadness comes to us then it becomes difficult to witness it. Because our first reaction is to escape from it. If we have already made a choice to escape from negative emotions, then how can we witness them. Forget about witnessing negative emotions we can not even witness a thought, if we want to get rid of it.

So, another important step in witnessing any emotions is to be comfortable with the emotions and let it stay with us. Osho has many times said that when you are sad then stay with this sadness and don't do anything else. But, If a non-meditator stay with sadness then he will become sad. But a meditator will learn to watch this sadness over a period of time. For a meditator over a period of time, sadness will be there but the meditator will not be sad. There will be a distance between sadness and meditator and that is beauty of meditation - nothing touches our inner most core.

I will like to summarise the post in points to make it more clear:
  1. First step is to be aware of body movements like walking and witnessing of thoughts. Witnessing of thoughts gives a knack of watching.

  2. Second step is to stop running away from negative emotions and start facing them and witnessing them.

  3. Once we have started facing these emotions, then slowly over a period of time, we will learn the knack of witnessing them also. A very important criteria for witnessing any emotions is being neutral (choiceless) with that emotions.
Tip: If we are avoiding or running away from any emotions or thought then we can never witness it easily.


Taken from http://oshoteachings.blogspot.com

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  1. Detachment is the key. Letting the thought or emotion spend itself and dissolve.